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Trainers and Qualifications

Doreen King - CPCT/BAT

Previously held position of Designated Employer Representative and was instrumental in developing and maintaining the drug and alcohol program giving great perspective from the employer’s standpoint. Experienced with DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol testing and regulations. As a DER, Doreen gained first-hand knowledge of: time consumption and costs involved in transporting employees to a collection site for drug and alcohol testing; waiting time at the collection site; and loss of employee productivity. Became a Certified Collection Professional and Breath Alcohol Technician and now operates Big Sky Drug Testing Services, LLC which is an onsite collection service that is in compliance to perform DOT and Non-DOT collections and alcohol testing. Doreen brings drug and alcohol testing to the employer and works with individuals, small and large companies and ensures they receive professional and cost efficient drug and alcohol testing.

Rebecca Sturdevant, C-SAPA, Certified Substance Abuse Program Administrator

Certified as an Occupational Health Nurse Specialist with specialized skills in evaluation and management of occupational injuries and illness, and expertise in performing pre-placement, return to duty, and fitness for duty employee evaluations. Experienced with DOT and non-DOT drug testing and DOT medical regulations. Serve on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Education Working Integrated Product Team. This team develops content for training materials to train medical providers to be certified by the FMCSA to perform medical examinations. Selected as one of 10 medical providers from the United States to serve on this team based on experience and expertise in examination skills. Provides services to prevent and evaluate employee impairment, particularly impairment from drugs and alcohol. Provides training and consultative services for employers about Drug Free Workplace policies and procedures. Manages drug and alcohol testing programs for several employers in Northwestern Montana. Trains breath alcohol technicians and DOT drug test specimen collectors. Certified as a Substance Abuse Program Administrator.  Volunteers for MADD Rebecca is passionate about safety on our roadways and in our workplaces.

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Trainers and Qualifications


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